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Lean HR & Lean OD Practices

Traditionally and historically LEAN principles of eliminating waste and eliminating duplication have been associated with production and manufacturing where the focus has been on the value stream.

Since 1990 MMHR has applied these concepts to the disciplines of Human Resource Management and Organisational Development practices.

Typically an On boarding Process can be viewed as a value stream when eliminating the waste that occurs when Employee Turnover or Employee Stability or dismissals during the probationary period starts to rise. Variance should be controlled at the source not at the end of a probationary period.

Some of our LEAN HR/OD measures:

  • There should always be more work than there are people to do it.
  • On Boarding is a value stream.
  • Distinguishing between results oriented and task oriented.
  • Hiring for Attitude First.
  • Train for Skill.
  • Promote on Integrity.
  • Accountability starts with having peers on the selection panel.
  • Continuous Improvement instead of Annual Performance Appraisals.
  • Personal Objectives Vs. Company Objectives.
  • Elimination of Silo's.

    Case Study

    An organisation commissions us to rejuvenate their morning production management meeting. Meetings take to long, nonsense discussions, poor attendance.

    Our LEAN HR/OD solution:

    Start on time with or without all participants; Take away the chairs so that no one sits down; the minute secretary is nominated after the meeting closes.

    PROBLEM FIXED time taken in meeting halved.

    On Request: "Learning the MMHR Way"

    What We Do
    Consulting Services
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