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Cultural Due Diligence

Cultural Due Diligence is a superior and more accurate methodology of determining exactly what an organisation's culture really is.

Cultural Due Diligence is not a Cultural Survey which usually consists of two parts, the first in the form of a questionnaire of pre-ordained dimensions and the second an opinionnaire of what the desired strength of the pre-ordained dimensions should be. This approach clearly illustrates the axioms of "Control the culture or it will control you" and "Companies have a choice; Culture by design or Culture by default".

A Cultural Survey is like asking a Gold Fish "What is the water like; Is it wet, if so how wet?" or "Is it cold or warm: How warm on a scale of 1 to 5" or "Is there enough water; Yes/No".

Cultural Due Diligence is about a probing, deep digging analysis and stress testing of all the cultural shaping practices and symbolic elements in a workplace.

We look at the impact on the workplace culture in the following:

  • Organisational Structure
  •     Position Titles
  •     Communication systems and practices
  •     Lean HR and OD practices
  •     HR metrics
  •     Management Systems
  •     Safety Systems 'Safety Metrics'
  •     Remuneration Systems
  •     Absentee Management Practices
  •     Employee Engagement
  •     On Boarding Process
  •     Recruitment Process
  •     Policy Formulation
  •     Strategic Vision

Our services have always been and always will provide for a positive Return on Investment.

What We Do
Consulting Services
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