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The No Dickheads Policy


The origins of our "No Dickheads Policy" are found in the early days in the development of Camberwell Coal where in 1990 Michael Minns arranged a tour of the mine for the Personal Manager of Kellogg’s Australia and the Director of Human Resources Australasia of Roche Products.
The reason for the tour was to show these two eminent HR practitioners the radical HR systems developed at Camberwell and their consequential impact upon the development of a high performance workplace culture.

The Camberwell Coal made a presentation to the tour party that outlined the culture and this was followed by a tour of the Mine, the CHPP and the Maintenance Workshop.

Steve Tracey from Roche Products, asked if he could be excused from the party to test what he had just seen and heard as he was in somewhat disbelief of what was really happening. He walked into the bathroom and stuck up a conversation with a member of the maintenance team and asked:

"Don’t you think it’s a bit far fetched having peers and team members on the recruitment panel?"

"Not at all, this is a great place to work and we’re not going to spoil it by employing dickheads" was the reply.

Bearing this in mind he then asked another person, this time a Mining Technician:

"What’s it like to work here"

The reply was:

"It’s the best place I have ever worked at, in fact it is so good that I don’t need an alarm clock to get up in the morning".

Thus was born

1) The No Dickheads Policy, and,

2) The real measure of a great place to work.

Since then these notions have been part of our recruitment processes and consulting practices.

We have used it at SITA-BFI, Muswellbrook Coal, Moolarben Coal, CSR Building Products, Boral, Pacific National, Integra Coal, Mini Movers, Pioneer Road Services, Boom Logistics, CoalPac and SteelStone.

Naturally, other organisations including Sporting Clubs, Universities, International Sales Organisations have copied the "No Dickheads Policy". We take this as a compliment.

It has become a behaviour correcting tool used by all throughout an organisation at all levels.

It is enshrined it in the 3-DSS recruitment system.

What We Do
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