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Three Dimensional Selection System

1ST DIMENSION - Can they do the job? (Skills)

  • Do they have the skills and knowledge?

2ND DIMENSION - Will they do the job? (Motivation)

  • Will they be motivated by our management system (culture) to perform at the optimum level?
3RD DIMENSION - Will they fit in? (Culture Fit & Attitude)
  • Does the candidates style and manner fit the culture of the organisation

Case Study using the "Three Dimensional Selection System":

The client's recruitment costs were too high on all counts.

All previous systems had failed:

  • Recruiting firms had failed to find the right people
  • Preferred Supplier Agreements had failed because they were staffed with inexperienced recruiters
  • In-house contractors had failed to understand the business.

The Three Dimensional Selection System is characterised by:

  • Peer Assessment and panel interview
  • Competency Based Job Descriptions
  • Behavioral Event Interviewing Techniques
  • A unique ranking system used in multiple hiring situations
  • Psychometric tests that predict behavior under pressure
  • Line and report managers involved in the recruitment process

In 18 months the improvements were outstanding:

  • Turnover was reduced from nearly 25% to 5%
  • Retention rates increased
  • The volume of applicants increased
  • Overall recruitment costs were significantly reduced
What We Do
Consulting Services
Contact Details