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Credible research has found that 60% of the skills and knowledge required on the job do not exist in industry training packages.

Train The Trainer corrects this situation.

Learn about:

  • Competency based training
  • Adult learning principles
  • Presentation skills
  • How to write a behavioural objective
  • How to plan a skills or knowledge training session
  • How to measure training
  • How to assess training outcomes


Using tried and proven theories and findings of Bloom, Knowles, Sweller, Jaques, Mager. This program is based on adult learning theory and the notion that training is a line accountability and how to determine the ROI of any training effort.

Learn how to conduct a training needs analysis, how to avoid Death by Powerpoint, questioning techniques and assessment procedures.


A two day training program designed for supervisors and managers or any one who has direct supervision responsibilities.

It is interactive and experiential in format and consists of real life examples taken from the client's workplace.

The after course support consists of Job Aids by way of credit card sized prompters, notice board signs and inculcation into the quality management system as an Standard Operation Procedure (SOP).

Performance counselling are evidenced in three forms:

1. Discussing Performance Expectations

        - Setting the standards/requirements/expectations.
        - Identifying what is acceptable behaviour.
        - Used with new starters, new technology, new systems.

2. Improving Performance

        - Addresses the gap between desired performance and actual performance.

3. Maintaining Improved Performance

        - Having achieved desired performance levels there is a need to have them maintained.

The objective of the program is to equip the front line supervisor with management skills that are held in common and practiced by all to achieve the desired performance outcomes of their direct reports.


A one day negotiating skills program with a quantified assessment and a money back guarantee.


The Management of unplanned absenteeism is not a well developed concept in Australia.

Few companies are fully aware of this counter productive aspect of their organisation.

Credible research finding reveal that the average number of days absent per employee is 8 weeks, only half of them reasonably related.

The biggest single reason for the lack of management of employees absenteeism is that the organisation didn't have it's resouces to measure and therefore manage the issue.

Here are some of our findings:

  • A Sydney Local Government Council decreased its absenteeism by 1800 days a year
  • A well known quarry discovers that one employee was having every Melbourne Cup day off plus the following day each year for 18 years.
  • An Engineering firm in Western Sydney experiences a rash of foreign objects in the eye of a number of workshop staff which coincided with mid week Greyhound meetings.
  • A Council reduces Monday absenteeism by reducing weekend activities.

Here is a real opportunity for a positive ROI with this HR intervention.

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