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On Boarding

AKA; Induction, Orientation, culture shaping.

Contemporary Lean HR, Lean OD practices state that not only is the On Boarding process causally linked to productivity and performance it also has a significant influence on a workplace culture.

A well designed and well run On Boarding Program is about Corporate Socialisation and Assimilation.

The measurable benefits are:

1.  Ensures employee engagement.

2.  New starters become more productive, quicker.

3.  Retention rates are improved.

4.  Turnover rates are reduced.

5.  The customer experience is improved through more effective employee.

These benefits of a good On Boarding Program means greater productivity, sooner and at less expense.

Our research indicates that the ROI of a well designed and well executed On Boarding Program can be 4 to 5 times that of the total costs of the Orientation Program.

However mistakes occur primarily through lack of understanding of the Orientation process such as:

1.  Too many trainees on the program. 8 to 12 is ideal. LEAN waste.

2.  No formal assessment of learning. LEAN waste.

3.  A new starter waiting too long before commencing the On Boarding Program. Ideally no more than two weeks should lapse between the starting date and the start of the On Boarding Program. LEAN variation and duplication.

4.  Not having a family function as part of the program. LEAN variation.

5.  The program presented by different facilitators. LEAN variation.

Our expertise and competencies learned and developed over the last 25 years in the design and execution of effective and
 productivity driven On Boarding Programs was acknowledged by the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) National Awards who accorded Finalist status in the category; Organisational Learning Effectiveness.

What We Do
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